by Blue Gillespie

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Beat Oven 06:39
Beatoven V1 Well I got out of work an hour early What do I do nowhere to be It's just next door it's not too far I think I'll have just one or two I saw you standing at the bar A buddy from a life afar This was the start of journeys end I down a whiskey with my friend C Aint had enough quite yet I got my second wind I got some more left in me I aint drowned up all my sins It's picking up its getting good I think I could I think I should One more drink here with you Is one too few V2 Moments pass second glass I'm having fun I hope this lasts I feel the monster closing in on me I'll have one more there's one for you We laugh we cry our spines unwind We lose the clarity of words We quaff another feel the burn We pass the point of no return M8 The ugly bar girl looks at me She says hey what will it be My eyes excel in their deceiving Seeing is no longer believing Which girl do I tell what I want to? I have a choice there's one in three I say FUCK IT I want a bottle Set it down and go away V3 It's half past three on Tuesday morning I gave my friend a broken nose He tried to take that bargirl home But I had fallen into love Lying in the street this morning Dressed in whiskey from my bowels Think I'll crawl home crack a bottle But I'll have just one or two © Blue Gillespie 2010
Sugarglass 04:06
Sugarglass V1 Taking off taking off A heavy coat Taking in Lines of a different coast Washing out washing out Stains of bleeding dreams Washing away Clues to what it means Breaking down breaking down House with weakened walls Breaking out Before it falls C Stay true to yourself Recognise your true wealth Stay true to yourself Even in the hell you find inside V2 Driving on driving on A sun kissed path Riding out To ride too far Crashing down crashing down On sugarglass Crashing through Sweet shards of past Picking out picking out The coldest grains Picking them out To start again C M8 To save anything left behind To save something of my mind Burn the shadow from my sleep Pray the earth my soul to keep Then find all that wasted time Find anything left behind C O(x4) Let me go back Let me go back Let me go back Let me go back Let me go © Blue Gillespie 2010
Skinned 04:28
Skinned V1 peel me off to shake me out Wring me dry of blood and sweat Stretch me out and press me down And slide me on to your skin again Till I wear thin again V2 Get a grip around my bones Beat the pace till I sing in groans File the rough against the grain Fix my joints till I'm whole again Till my bones break again C Break my fall 'Fore I lose it all Stand me up tall 'Fore I lose my soul 'Fore I lose my head 'Fore I turn up dead Easily led By the shit I'm fed V3 Piss my blood 'fore it runs clear Drink me up and swallow fear Piss me out let me out Cleanse the doubt from my blood again Bleed me of pain V4 Let me die in you again When I sigh for you again When I lie to you again Let the mothering begin Cleanse me of sin v5 To save me from the filthy sin Before I help sin again Save me I have life to win Save me from the evil sin Skin me again © Blue Gillespie 2010
Wiff 03:05
Whiff V1 Will you save us all the bits? Can you stop the time? I'm running late I'm stuck in traffic, been here for half an hour Though I left in plenty of time I'm stuck now behind this swine Save me all the fucking good stuff Oranjeboom Skin up a Bifta C I need to change my mind v2 Don't you talk about the best bits Don't write a tune I've been in this hellish rut since three this afternoon And I just need to vent some shit And I don't want to miss those bits Don't play the chunky good stuff Don't rock the room Skin up a lifter C(x2) I need to change my mind M8 Loosen my eyes Lubricate sockets now loosen my eyes Open my mind Feed me some scraps for thought open my mind Till I arrive Save all epiphanies till I arrive Then loosen my eyes Lubricate sockets then open my mind V3 Did you use up all the best bits? Coz I'm really close I hope you saved some dirty riffs I need to make the most Of this day that melts oh wait I smell a reason for me to stay Can I smell the funky good stuff? Outside the room Skin up a Whifter C(x2) I need to change my mind © Blue Gillespie 2010
Growsome 05:42
Growsome V1 All is won to lose again Gaining strength to use all up Winning battles to lose the war I can't smile falsely anymore Pretending life is full and dear Born of safety death I fear Fear to breath to be myself C Why can't I stop this lie? Why can't I thought I try Tell me why, I tell lies Why can't I grow some heavy balls? V2 Enraged I lay myself Down to her to do her will I grind my teeth I ask myself Where's the life the love the thrill? You suck the blood right out of me This isn't how it's meant to be A shadow of the man I dreamt C M8 Boredom weighs on empty days Anger kills the waning will Anguish hangs like pointed fangs Grow them, grow them Grow them, grow them Grow them V3 Not long now before I go into the dark infinite Don't want to kill myself no more I'm useless, weak, a fucking whore, Alky fuck, dependent mess I should be shot I should have less Last chance now to be a man So watch me grow these heavy balls C Suck on mine, stuck on mine Suck on mine, suck em dry Suck on mine, Suck on mine Suck on my massive fucking balls O Boredom weighs empty days Anger kills weaning will Anguish hangs pointed fangs Fate is touched twisting guts Grow them big Not long now 'fore I go Into dark infinite Can't kill myself no more Useless weak fucking whore Alky dependent mess Should be shot should have less Last chance to be a man Watch em grow big and bold Suck on my suck on my Suck on my suck on my Suck on my suck on my Suck on my suck on my Suck em dry © Blue Gillespie 2010
Making Sound 05:22
MAKING SOUND V1 Selling my time for shit Not quite believing it Scraping the barrel till At last I lose the will to live V2 Pain isn’t relative Got no more me to give Whaling for nothing and The time I have left is lost C When I make this sound With my sinews unwound I find its meaning My voice is now found I will make sound I will make poetry I will be loud And you Won’t listen to me V3 Fragile mind turns to rage Locked in this rusting cage Swinging at mirrors To break only you You break x2 C M8 Throw me a rope Fragility gropes At all that slides away Falling through fingers And dusting the ground All I can do Is make a new sound C © Blue Gillespie 2009
Tripout 05:05
Tripout C Tripping my tits off Ripping your grits off Sucking your nips off Flicking your bits off wait I'm Freaking the fuck out Hearing myself shout Tearing my eyes out Wonder what this is about V1 I liked you, you looked at me We chose to meet unnaturally You knew the boys, you knew the place But unfamiliar with my face Drink made eyes and weed made stare A flame appeared a fuck me flare Light went down but the curtain was up And we drank the hell from Medusa's Cup C V2 Curtains breathed as chemicals weaved Tingling grief meaning relieved Staring is clocked and fingers are locked Pinching at jeans and a finger is docked Anaglyptic walls swell in We fall through a door let the tripping begin In that room everyone I knew I see in your face they came here to screw M8 I like you You look at me C © Blue Gillespie 2010
Black Waltz 03:27
Black Waltz V1 Been swinging dead animals in a room that's too small Nowhere to sit down the ceilings real low To kill all the boredom I stand on my hands Then I hear music from some place around A lingering dwindling delicate sound A lady appeared She said this could end V2 Dressed in black ribbons of black silk and black lace I see my dead love in the lines of her face She floats up to me She offers her hand My love you've been gone since 2003 You sank to the bottom of the green Irish Sea I came back for you This boredom will end ..... if you dance with me. C(x2) Dance with grace, dance this pace, dance with me Die in rhyme, die in time, die in three Waltz me black Waltz me back Back to the sea © Blue Gillespie 2010
Fingered 06:23
Fingered C Don't tell me what my urges mean Don't tell me what you think is clean Don't stain my life with martyr's blood Point your finger in the name of good Don't tell me where to make my bed Or I will finger you instead V1 Prying in lives begin Hit the floor forever more Make amends journeys end Salt is poured on open sores To screaming seal and one day feel To be alive to cheat and lie I ask you when was the time of men If choices made were made by animals Choices made were made by animals C V2 How to win right to sin Or call this sin a way to win To win myself learn myself Self respect to choose the sex To love and hold to be so hold To soundly choose nothing to lose I ask to love when times are tough And choices made are made by animals M8 Don't tell me what my urges mean Don't tell me what you think is clean Don't stain my life with martyr's blood Point your finger in the name of good Don't tell me where to make my bed Or I will finger you instead I will finger you instead C © Blue Gillespie 2010
The Fergal 05:15
The Fergal V1 It was a long time coming This feeling of contentment But the new evils had already been concluded And bid their time before the hatching New car new flat new girl All the things that you convinced yourself you need Mediocre modicum of success is all you need. V2 Been a long time coming This reeling from contentment And the new day’s sun had already been extinguished You lay the spoils before the master New car new house new girl All the things that he convinced you that he needs Mediocre modicum of success is all you need. C I will find you little brother I will see you at the shore We will listen to each other We will repent from the core Once I’ve found you little brother I’ll be dressed in hope mundane I’ll be dripping with contentment To leave with you again V1 C © Blue Gillespie 2010
Paradox How can all this come down to me? Why only my mystery I feel all the eyes on me And now I can't breathe © Blue Gillespie 2010 Time Knot (Paradox Part Two) V1 Feeling weary Feeling sad Breaking open Brand new fad To reveal it Just to see it Just to feel it Now you've had it Now you've felt it Now you've smelled it Now you'll fuck it Then you'll kill it Then you'll eat it Then you'll sick it Sick it all up In the time trough B Dive your hand in Feel the longing Pull the plug on All you would have Done to be the One to save us Can you fix it? Do you want to? If you do it He can have you Stop us all now End this all now C Pray don't stay go away I'm here to point the way Go away I'II pray Listen close to what I say Don't stay go away I'm the last one to stand in your way Go away I'II pray Gods too busy to save the day V2 In the Rib boned Memory Seas We shall crack the sky’s foundation Cataclysmic Time disease Peel away Our procreation Lose the could haves Lose the old Rape the system Take control B C O In the Rib bond Memory Seas We shall crack the sky's foundation Cataclysmic Time disease Peel away Our procreation Lose the could haves Lose the old Rape the system Take control © Blue Gillespie 2010


released April 1, 2010


all rights reserved



Blue Gillespie Newport

Blue Gillespie are a progressive metal four piece aimed at music fans who like their music loud, tighter than a drum skin, and unapologetically real.

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